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A visa is a special document which gives you access to a country. Visas are dispersed by the country’s government, generally through the consulate. Whether you are an immigrant or a non-immigrant, you may need a visa to enter the United States. Once you have arrived in the U.S., you can only stay for the amount of time specified on your visa. If you choose to disregard the terms of your visa, you may face consequences.

At Bonnaig & Associates, LLC, we are focused on serving each client with respect and full attention. We will stand by you and work through your case in a systematic way that applies case law, special circumstances, and any other elements that could work in your favor.

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Immigrant Visas

Visas are divided into immigrant and non-immigrant categories. Immigrant visas are issued to travelers wishing to make the United States their permanent home. Most immigrant visas are either an I-130 Petition or an I-140 Petition. I-130 petitions apply to U.S. citizens or permanent residents that are seeking to bring immediate family into the country. I-140 petitions are filed by an employer to request that an immigrant receive residence to perform a specific job.

Specific Types of Non-Immigrant Visas

Non-immigrant visas are issued to tourists, businessmen and women, religious workers, students, or others hoping to come to the U.S. for a short amount of time.

Some of the visas we can help you with include:

  • H2B Visa - For temporary workers providing labor of a seasonal or temporary nature
  • J-1 Exchange Visa - Issued to exchange visitors or professors, scholars and teachers that are exchange visitors
  • Business 1 Visa - Business visitors
  • Business 2 Visa - Tourists
  • A Visa - Career diplomats
  • E Visa - Treaty traders or investors
  • I Visa - Media representatives from foreign countries
  • F-1 Visa - Students
  • L-1 Visa - Intercompany transfers
  • D Visa - Crewmembers
  • M-1 Visa - Students in non-academic institutions
  • O Visa - Aliens with extraordinary abilities in business, science, arts, education, or athletics
  • P 1.2.3 Visas - Athletes, artists, or entertainers
  • Q-1 Visa - Cultural exchange program participants
  • C Visa - Aliens in transit
  • R Visa - Religious workers
  • N Visa- Parents or children of special immigrants

There is also a special category of visa for NATO personnel. The most common visa issued is a B-1 or B-2 visa. These visas allow travelers to enter the U.S. on business or pleasure for up to one year. The visa can be renewed in 6 month increments. Tourists or business workers are not allowed to obtain employment in the U.S. on a B-1 or B-2 visa, unless the work is for a foreign company.

The Visa Process

You must begin your visa process by submitting a petition to the U.S. government for entrance into the country. After the petition is approved, you will begin the National Visa Center processing by choosing an agent and paying all necessary fees. You will need to submit a visa application form and collect relevant financial and supporting documents. Once you have all of your paperwork in place, you will submit it to the National Visa Center for review. If the paperwork is approved, it is time to prepare for your interview. After the interview, the consulate will determine whether or not you qualify for a visa.

When things get complicated, or if you are simply nervous about working through this process, Bonnaig & Associates, LLC is here to help.

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“For me, it comes from the heart. I care about justice and doing the right thing. It is my privilege to fight by your side.”

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