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Work without Fear of Mistreatment Based on Your Faith

Federal, state, and local laws protect worshippers of all religions from discrimination in the workplace. If you feel that you have been disrespected because of your beliefs, reach out to an attorney at Bonnaig & Associates, LLC right away. With more than 30 years in litigation, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to pursue a just resolution.

It can be intimidating to consider speaking up. With our team at work on your case, we will ensure you are protected from retaliation by the laws set in place for this purpose by investigating, collecting witness statements, researching case law, and examining your claim from both sides to anticipate any barriers.

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Violations of Religious Freedom in the Workplace

When hiring, promoting, firing, recruiting, or disciplining an employee, it is illegal to treat them differently based on their religion. This also applies to assigning projects or providing benefits. In addition, employers are not allowed to harass employees based on their religious beliefs or retaliate against employees for reporting instances of religious discrimination.

Accommodating Religious Practices

In order to encourage diverse work environments, companies should accommodate reasonable religious requests.

Some common accommodations include:

  • Allowing alterations to a dress code to permit religious clothing such as hijabs, skull caps, beards, or turbans
  • Allowing employees observance of a Sabbath
  • Allowing reasonable breaks for prayer or other religious practices
  • Allowing employees to work a schedule that permits them to observe holy days or attend a place of worship

When it comes to the observance of holy days, employers can refuse requests for time off if it will cause them “undue hardship.” Employers can also request that the employee make up work hours at a different time, take the time as unpaid, or use paid time off.

Let Us Be Your Warrior

You deserve to exercise your rights. When your boss refuses to give you the treatment you are entitled to, take action. Let us be your guides and protectors, to better your workplace environment. You could be the voice that frees others at your company from similar mistreatment and promotes fairness.

Contact us today at (646) 374-4819 and talk with a New York religious discrimination lawyer.

“For me, it comes from the heart. I care about justice and doing the right thing. It is my privilege to fight by your side.”

- Denise K. Bonnaig
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