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Individuals Employed Within New York State Can Assert Claims for Sexual Harassment, Regardless of the Size of Their Employer

For a long time, the New York State Human Rights law only applied to employers with four or more employees.

Fortunately, for employees being subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace, they can now take legal action under the New York State Human Rights Law, regardless of the size of their employers, thanks to bill S. 2/A 5360, which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo, to cover all employers in New York State.

As set forth by the Governor’s office:

This bill (S. 2 / A. 5360) protects all employees from sexual harassment in the workplace regardless of the size of the employer…..This new law expands the definition of “employer” to cover all employers within New York in sexual harassment cases so that an employee of any business can file a workplace sexual harassment complaint.