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Nyc Human Rights Law Protections for Muslims and Those Perceived as Muslim

It’s unfortunate that in these times, large communities adhering to certain religious beliefs are suffering persecution.

Right now, large numbers of Muslims or those perceived as Muslims are facing discrimination and harassment.

Within the five boroughs of New York, Muslims or those perceived as Muslim have rights—including the right to live and work without being discriminated against, or harassed, pursuant to the NYC Human Rights Law.

New York City is home to thousands of Muslims and they, along with other religious groups, make the culture of the city much richer and more diverse.

It is prohibited to bully an individual because they are Muslim (or perceived as such), or not hired or promoted because they are Muslim, or perceived as such. Muslim employees or those perceived as such should not be treated differently because of their beliefs, nor prevented from interacting with clients or customers, because of their religious clothing.

They have the right to observe religious practices or wear religious clothing at work.

They have the right to observe their religious holidays, and employers should work with these observant employees, to arrange for flexible scheduling, such as the ability to make up missed time at a later date. (The employer must accommodate an employee’s request for a reasonable accommodation unless such accommodation poses an undue hardship to the employer.)

If a Muslim, or an employee perceived as a Muslim files a claim of discrimination, it is unlawful to engage in retribution against him or her.

Though Muslims are the focus of this blog piece, note that individuals of all religions who are being discriminated against or harassed, are protected by the NYC Human Rights Law.

As Assembly member Felix Ortiz stated, “Our founding principles and laws prohibit discrimination against any nation or religion. That’s what makes this nation the greatest on earth, and this fight must continue—we cannot remain silent.”